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Sarung Azkha

Gadjah Onta






Sarung Tenun, Sarung Azkha Make Confident and Authoritative.


Each weaving produces infinite comfort. Its cool nature makes it a special Sarung in our hearts.


Presenting a variety of trendy motifs, patterns, and colors perfect for your everyday style.


With the best quality fabrics, Sarung Azkha is ready to accompany you anywhere, anytime.

Sarung Gadjah Onta

Gadjah Kembang Etnik

Sarung Azkha

Kembang Etnik Hitam

Sarung Azkha

Signature Colour Black

Sarung Azkha

Signature Colour Warna

Sarung Azkha

Kanzhul Madeena Liris

Choice of Motifs and Patterns Sarung Azkha

From juniors to adults, formal style is also casual. Start your comfortable step by picking amazing motifs here.

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Rich in patterns and colors, Sarung Azkha completes your daily lifestyle with a guarantee of comfort and trend.

Local culture, the pride of a nation. #PrideofIndonesia

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